Small businesses are vital to the success of the economy

June 4, 2015
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bc logoThere are over 1 million small employers in Canada, employing over 40% of employees in the country. Small businesses survive and prosper for many different reasons. The pace of a small company is often very fast, while large companies are often hampered by their size, making changes difficult and slow. Metropolitan Property Management is proud to be a locally owned small business, so we have come up with the Top 12 Reasons why hiring a small business can outperform our larger competitors and make your property flourish:

  1. Low overheads, or should I say, lower rates: Due to the small scale of operation, small businesses have lower overhead costs. They operate in small premises with low heating and lighting costs, and limited rent and rates to pay. Low costs result in lower prices for consumers. Metropolitan is proud to offer those savings on to our clients prices.
  2. Quick to address your concerns: Research shows, which I’m sure that you can agree with, that the #1 complaint regarding property management companies, is they are too slow to respond to your concerns. When you hire Metropolitan Property Management, we always return our clients messages within 1 business day.
  3. Your property manager has all the answers: Small businesses tend to offer their employees the ability to do a lot of different tasks, and have a sound understanding of accounting and maintenance. When you call your Metropolitan property manager with a concern or question, you can talk directly with them about your accounting and maintenance issues, rather than leaving a message for the different departments that a larger company has. All of our staff have the right skills, attitudes and knowledge to give you the answers you need, when you need them.
  4. You get the attention (and prices) you deserve: When you work with small companies, they tend to value their client relationships, and you will find that you can ask for modifications to the company’s standard services and even negotiate better pricing. Every client is unique, and when you work with a large company, they generally aren’t flexible with their pricing and services, and you might even get your request bumped down the line if a larger customer requires their attention. When you hire Metropolitan, we give you the attention you deserve, and you will feel like a valued client.
  5. Developing personal relationships: Small businesses are well placed to build personal relationships with customers, employees, and contractors. When you hire Metropolitan, you know who you are dealing with; you can put a face to the person you are in contact Person-to-person interaction is an important aspect in building strong relationships.
  6. Customer service with a smile: Being close to the customer is important for success in business, and a small business is frequently much closer to the customer than a large one. A small business can meet with the customer more frequently and develop more of a personal relationship than a large company. A large company has many layers and departments and often has procedures that prevent close contact with the customer. Metropolitan is able to handle their client’s requests faster and on a more personal level, which makes our clients feel valued, rather than just a number.
  7. Flexibility: In a small business there is little hierarchy or chain of command. Small businesses are often far more flexible. Large businesses may have set ways of operating and established procedures that are hard to change. A larger company normally involves a lot people and have to follow set procedures when catering to their client’s specific challenges. As every property is unique, and has different needs, Metropolitan Property Managers can adapt our service, based on customer feedback, much more easily than our large competitors. While larger companies are busy studying options and gaining approvals, we have already implemented our solutions.
  8. The feeling of family and loyalty: The feeling of being a part of a family is also an advantage that small businesses have over larger ones. Employees are treated more like family members, which creates loyalty to the employer, as well as the clients. This feeling of family often creates a tremendous amount of energy during projects and tough times, where you will see the passion behind what we do.
  9. We want you as our client:With a large company, it can be easier to get lost in the crowd, constantly feeling like you’re a tiny part of something overwhelmingly large or faceless. Small and large businesses provide different levels of customer service based on their need to keep customers happy and their ability to do so. When you hire a larger company, you are a small fish in a big pond; the opposite is true when you hire a small company. A large company that doesn’t care about losing small accounts may provide you with little customer service; smaller companies often want to keep any business they can secure, providing excellent customer service, and values the opportunity for referrals.
  10. Passion:When a business is run by a smaller number of people you often see their employees have more passion.  That passion hasn’t been diluted by large staff or altered by a compromised vision. When you hire Metropolitan to be your property managers, you will experience our passion and understanding for the industry.
  11. Best in their niche:It’s hard to please everyone, and where large companies are trying to please the majority, a small business can zoom in on a niche and provide them with exactly what they need. The success of any company is largely dependent on their staff. All of the staff at Metropolitan are well-trained, knowledgeable, and most importantly: accountable to you. We have developed systems within our company to meet and exceed your needs and expectations, and always enjoy putting them to use for the benefit of our clients. The staff at Metropolitan are also property owners as well, so we can relate to you and your experiences.

And last but not least…

  1. Local contributions: Small businesses typically circulate more of their revenue back into their local community.  This makes the local economy more resilient, which in turn makes the global economy more resilient. The staff at Metropolitan Property Management care about our community and support several local charities. Through volunteering our time and even donating partial proceeds from our services, we take every opportunity to make an impact on those in need.

Property managers run the business operations for their clients. They are responsible for budgets, working with service providers, and more importantly ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy everything that your community has to offer. Knowing some of the more common advantages of working with companies of different sizes can help you make the best choices for your strata corporation or rental property. If you want the better customer service that often comes with working with a smaller business, you might have to pay higher prices if you want to hire a larger company.

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