The Top 10 Benefits of living in a well-managed strata corporation

December 15, 2014
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10. Well-maintained amenities– Strata Management companies typically do an outstanding job of maintaining amenities. Imagine coming home to a nice manicured and over-seeded common -area lawn, freshly painted walls, ambient lighting that works and a nice clean building.

9. Increased amenities– Well maintained amenities are important, but in return for paying strata fees, it’s also nice to have some perks. Walking trails, sport courts, swimming pools, barbecue pits and neighborhood parks are a great reason to get out and meet your neighbors.

8. Curb Appeal– Just take a drive through your community and you’ll see.

7. Enforced Bylaws and Rules– It’s great to have a set of bylaws, but they need to be enforced and followed by everyone living in the community. This deters nuisance activity, promotes compliance and encourages a pleasant environment.

6. Support in dealing with neighborhood property issuesStrata Managers are licensed through the Real Estate Council, and have successfully completed the Strata Management Course. Their education and expertise can guide you through the Strata Property Act to ensure adherence to the rules.

5. Community involvement– A great way to make new friends and get to know your neighbors.

4. Pride of ownership– Who wouldn’t be proud to live in a beautiful, well-run community?!

3. Financial stability– No one likes special levies. A well-managed strata corporation has a healthy contingency reserve fund and depreciation report in place to ensure there are enough funds available for future common area repairs and capital improvements.

2. TLC– Common areas are cared for by qualified specialists.

And the number one benefit of living in a well-managed strata corporation is…

  1. Protected Property Values


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